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Nakakaruizawa, Chigataki

Nakasendo Romantic Journey] 2nd Tour -Kutsumigake-juku to Oiwake-juku


Mr. Kishimoto, the director of the “69th Nakasendo Museum,” who knows the Nakasendo well, will guide you on a walking tour of the old Nakasendo in the Karuizawa area.
Kutsumigake Yado Honjin, Kusatsu Road, Heian Period Burnt Stones, Yusuge Story
Women’s Highway, Tochonomiyanaka Mountain Road Site, Ichirizuka, Basho’s haiku monument at Sengen Shrine, old photos of Oiwake-juku, the oldest road signpost on the Nakasendo in Bunkere, Eisen-ga Oiwake 69th Street Museum, etc.

Date & Time

Sunday, April 10, 2022, 13:00-16:00


Nakakaruizawa – Oiwajuku

Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection being implemented

Please take your temperature on the day of the event and refrain from participating if it is 37,5 degrees Celsius or higher. Also, please wear a mask.

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