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Karuizawa Tourist Association stock photos are available for rent for a fee. If you wish to use a photo, please follow the steps below to apply for the photo you wish to use.

Photo data lending procedure

<Procedure 1> Please select a photo from the sample data below and fill out the photo borrowing application form (PDF below).

<Procedure 2> Send the photo borrowing application form to the Karuizawa Tourist Association by fax.

<Step 3> We will send you an invoice in PDF format. Please pay by bank transfer. Please refer to the following PDF document “Procedures and Notes on the Use of Photo Data” for the bank transfer address.

<After confirming receipt of payment, MISHOP will send the data to you via e-mail or Internet file .

The fee for the use of photo data is 1,100 yen (tax included) per photo.

It will take at least one week to receive your application due to the approval and transfer of funds after application. (If you are in a hurry, please contact the secretariat for details.)


1. please use the photos in accordance with the usage period requested in the application. 2. use for purposes other than those for which it was applied for is prohibited. 3. please delete the data by yourself after using the photos. 4. please note that a separate contract is required if you wish to use the photos in paid sales materials.

Procedures and Notes for Using Photo Data (PDF)
Photo Borrowing Application Form (PDF)
Photo Borrowing Application Form (Word)

Contact: Karuizawa Tourist Association TEL : 0267-41-3850 FAX : 0267-41-3851

<Sample Spring/Summer

karuizawasprphoto1 karuizawasprphoto2 karuizawasprphoto3 karuizawasprsummphoto2014

<Sample Autumn

karuizawaautumn1 karuizawaautumn2 karuizawaautumn3 karuizawaautumn4 karuizawaautphoto2014a karuizawaautphoto2014b

<Sample Winter


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