Model Course] Karuizawa Day Trip Plan with “Winter” Theme (4 hours)

Model Course

This course is an efficient tour by cab of spots where you can learn more about historic Karuizawa. *These spots are also related to the Karuizawa Web Certificate.

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Karuizawa Station

Base for sightseeing in Karuizawa

Karuizawa Station is easily accessible by the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, which takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo Station and 2 hours from Kanazawa Station, and is the base for sightseeing in Karuizawa, served by the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line and the Shinano Railway.

Meet at Karuizawa Station and depart

Approximately 20 minutes by cab


Usui Pass Gazebo

Mt. Asama crowned with snow

The Usui Pass Gazebo is located at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level.
Located on the border between Nagano and Gunma prefectures, it offers a wonderful view of the Myogi mountain range to the east and Mount Asama to the west.

(Stay about 30 minutes)

Approximately 45 minutes by cab


Shiraito Highland Way/SoHan_2EE4↩押 Highway

Popular Dry Broad

Shiraito Highland Way is a sightseeing toll road that connects Mikasa Street in Old Karuizawa to Shiraito Falls through a beautiful forest.

The Yeoshi Highway is a sightseeing toll road that connects Mine-no-chaya to Oniooshidashi, where the grandeur of Mount Asama looms close at hand.


one of the six administrators of a Zen temple who substitutes for the chief priest

Lava Art

Onishidashien is a sightseeing spot where a large amount of lava flowed out from the 1783 eruption of Mount Asama.
There is a walking trail that circles the park, allowing visitors to enjoy a stroll. On the walking trail, visitors can observe strange rock formations that look like works of art and many alpine plants.
From the "Sengenzan Kannondou" (Sengen Mountain Kannon Hall) in the park, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Asama and Mount Shirane as well as Onishidai-en, which stretches across the park.

During the winter season, visitors can enjoy the beautiful contrast of lava and snow.

(Stay about 45 minutes)

Approximately 40 minutes by cab


Karuizawa Station

The end of the trip is at Karuizawa Station

The course ends with a return to Karuizawa Station.

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