Model Course] Karuizawa Day Trip Plan with “Architecture” as a theme (4 hours)

Model Course

This course is an efficient tour by cab of spots where you can learn more about historic Karuizawa. *These spots are also related to the Karuizawa Web Certificate.

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We can set up any itinerary you wish, as long as it is within the time frame of Karuizawa's nature and historical buildings.
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Karuizawa Station

Base for sightseeing in Karuizawa

Karuizawa Station is easily accessible by the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, which takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo Station and 2 hours from Kanazawa Station, and is the base for sightseeing in Karuizawa, served by the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line and the Shinano Railway.

Meet at Karuizawa Station and depart

Approx. 10 minutes by cab


St. Paul's Catholic Church

Historic Catholic Church

It is one of the historical buildings in Karuizawa and stands on the "Water Mill Road" running parallel to the Old Karuizawa Ginza Street. The building was designed by the famous American architect Antonio Raymond, and is the only Catholic church in town.

No entry during ceremonies and services.

(Stay about 30 minutes)

Approximately 30 minutes by cab


Oiwajuku, Tatsuo Horibi Literature Memorial Hall

Exhibits materials of artists associated with Karuizawa

Oiwake-juku, which flourished as an inn town at the junction of the Nakasendo and Kitakuni Kaido roads in the Edo period (1603-1868)

The "Oiwake-juku Local History Museum" is modeled after an inn, and visitors can feel the atmosphere of the Edo period. Visitors can learn more about the history and local culture of Oiwake.

The Hori Tatsuo Literature Memorial Museum exhibits manuscripts and documents of Tatsuo Hori, the author of "The Wind Rises" who was active in the early Showa period.

(Stay for about 60 minutes)

Approximately 15 minutes by cab


Karuizawa Tagliassen

Karuizawa Tagliassen

The vast site is a concentration of Karuizawa's natural beauty, with Lake Shiozawa at its center, a garden filled with roses, art museums, historical buildings, restaurants, stores, and amusement facilities.
Visitors can appreciate art, enjoy nature such as seasonal flowers and autumn leaves, and enjoy a wide range of activities such as boating and go-karts.

(Stay for about 60 minutes)

See details

Approximately 15 minutes by cab


Karuizawa Station

The end of the trip is at Karuizawa Station

The course ends with a return to Karuizawa Station.

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