Karuizawa Garden Farm


The Hochi area, a 15-minute drive from Karuizawa Station, is a rich natural environment blessed with clean water and air, where fireflies fly around in summer. The clean air and water of Karuizawa ripen the strawberries to a deep red, and the difference in temperature between day and night produces a mild sweetness and a beautiful acidity. Manual bud picking (thinning) reduces the yield, but it is the only way to produce strawberries with a rich flavor.
Rare white and black strawberries are grown in winter and spring, and from July onward, richly fragrant summer and autumn (Kashu) strawberries are grown.


Karuizawa Garden Farm

Address Karuizawa Garden Farm, Oaza Hatsuji, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun
TEL 0267-48-3620
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