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Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan Event – Mieko Fukuda Exhibition


‘Echoes of the Cello with the Wind and Thunder Gods’ oil and acrylic, 750 m m X 750 mm.”

We are pleased to announce the opening of our solo exhibition.
Fascinated by the prestige of gold in the Rimpa school, I have been pursuing the possibilities of gold’s appeal in my own pictorial expression.
We are pleased to present these works for your viewing.


May 17-23, 2023


Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan 1F

Profile: Born in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.
1994-1999: Solo exhibitions: Nishiwaki Okanoyama Art Museum Gallery, Kita-ku Ijinkan Cafe Gallery, Kobe, Seishin Oriental Hotel, Kobe Motomachi Diamond Gallery
2002: Moved to Germany.
2002-2004: Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, under Prof. Mariane Aigenherr.
2023: Currently living in Germany

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