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-Karuizawa Foto Fest 2022-23 Pre-event -Karuizawa reflected by George Nobechi


-Karuizawa Foto Fest 2022-23 Pre-event -Karuizawa reflected by George Nobechi

Karuizawa-based photographer George Nobechi will present a slide show of art photographs he has taken in Karuizawa.
What is Karuizawa as reflected by George Nobechi, who has held numerous solo exhibitions and workshops in Japan and abroad, and is a member of prominent galleries in Europe and the United States?
We will also provide an overview of “Karuizawa Foto Fest,” a participatory photo event that will start in Karuizawa this year.

Date and Time

Thursday, June 30, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.


On-site (Hotel Otowanomori) or online (Zoom)


Part I: Karuizawa as Reflected by Nobechi George
A slide show of Karuizawa photos taken by Karuizawa-based photographer George Nobechi.
Part 2: Introduction of Karuizawa Foto Fest
We would like to present an overview of “Karuizawa Foto Fest (KFF),” a participatory photo event to be held in the town of Karuizawa starting this year.
🌟Nobechi George Profile
KFF Creative Director Director, KFF Photo Juror, KFF Photo Jury Member
Photographer. Lives and works in Karuizawa. Belongs to prominent galleries in Europe and the United States. He has been published in major media in Japan and abroad. He is the founder of Nobechi Creative (, which offers workshops around the world and organizes photography-related events in Japan and online. Reflections” as a representative of Japan.

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