Mikado Coffee “March 2020 Topics” Information


March 2020 Coffee Recommendations

“Sakura Brend.”
We will be serving the coffee menu in the store and selling Sakura Brendo and one-pack coffee.

Green bean producing countries: Colombia, Ethiopia, Panama
Taste Characteristics: Sweet, rich mouthfeel and bitter aftertaste, reminiscent of spring.
Fragrance: Floral, sweet bitter, rich

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Cherry Blossom Fair”

At Karuizawa Old Road Store, Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Store and Karuizawa Tsuruya Store
Cherry Blossom Fair” will be held from March 1 to early April.

Coffee “Sakura Brend” provided & “Sakura Brend One Pack”.
In addition to the sale of “coffee” items,
Sakura Kahoru Hanabira Rusk” will be on sale.

Sakura Kaoru Hanabira Rusk

Seasonal Cakes

March “Carrot Cake
Spicy dough with grated carrots and cinnamon,
Topped with lemon flavored cream cheese
The cake has a moist texture.

Please note that the pastry is handmade by Mikado Coffee’s pastry chef, so quantities are limited.
The cake itself, decorations and plates may vary slightly from those shown in the photos.

Mikado Coffee Karuizawa Old Road Branch Recommended

Spring menu: “Haruiro Shake”, “Sakura Princess”, “pink latte”.

Haru-iro Shake” = A shake made with cherry blossoms and two kinds of berries to remind you of the coming of spring.

Sakura Hime” (cocktail) = This cocktail will make you feel as if you are enjoying cherry blossom viewing under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Sakurahime” (cocktail) is made with Western-style alcohol.
We do not provide this service to minors or to customers who drive.

The “pink latte” is a perfect balance between the slight aroma of cherry blossoms and the sweetness of milk.

From left to right: “pink latte,” “spring-iro shake” and “Sakura-hime” (cocktail)

Mikado Coffee Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Recommendation

I recommend it for White Day.”
Truffle Chocolates (2 kegs), 2 one-pack coffees – Rich Blend (1 piece),
Mini gift of “Decaffeinated Colombia (1)

Mikado Coffee Karuizawa Tsuruya Recommended

Sakura Gift
Mocha Chocolate Cake Spring (right)
Sakura petit gift (2 one-pack coffees, 2 coffee jellies) (medium)
Sakura One Pack Gift (2 one-pack coffees and 2 mocha potatos) (left)

Spring Iro Shake
Spring Iro Shake” will also be available at the Karuizawa Tsuruya store.

Handling location

Mikado Coffee
Karuizawa Old Road Branch
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
Karuizawa Tsuruya Store
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