Art Hotel Villa 11 Karuizawa


A 10-minute walk from Hoshino Onsen and Chigataki Onsen as well as Harunire Terrace, a new landmark in Karuizawa. This designer hotel, which opened in 2011, is located in the midst of Karuizawa's rich natural environment. The hotel is characterized by its unique Karuizawa style of not serving dinner and offering a tour of its many gourmet restaurants, and by its luxurious design with only 11 rooms on a spacious site of approximately 1,000 tsubo (approximately 1,000 square meters). The interior of the hotel has an atmospheric space reminiscent of a gallery. The entrance welcomes you with works by Warhol, Yamagata, and other artists. The lounge is furnished with designer furniture. All rooms are equipped with 32-inch or larger televisions, Blu-ray players, audio equipment, LAN, etc., harmonizing functionality and design. The time you spend while being healed by the nature of each season is exceptional. Spend your vacation in a carefree and luxurious atmosphere.


Art Hotel Villa 11 Karuizawa

Address 2147 Chigataki, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun
TEL 0267-46-1711
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