Karuizawa Garden Farm Strawberry Farm


Karuizawa Highlands, blessed with a natural environment with Mt. Asama in the foreground, Karuizawa Garden Farm cultivates and produces about 30,000 winter strawberry plants and 10,000 summer strawberry plants in 3,000 m2 of plastic greenhouses. The computer-controlled water and fertilizer supply system, which are necessary for the growth of strawberries, ensures optimal conditions 24 hours a day, thus achieving eco-friendly cultivation. The highlands at an elevation of 1,000 meters create a temperature difference between cold and hot, and the abundant sunlight that pours into the highlands makes the strawberries even more delicious. This makes the Karuizawa Highland Strawberry a year-round crop compared to other regions.


Karuizawa Garden Farm Strawberry Farm

Address Hatsuji, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun
TEL 0267-48-3620
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