(Nakazato Co.


This souvenir store is located near the north exit of Karuizawa Station, along the road to Old Karuizawa.
Open all year round, the restaurant is a favorite of vacationers and tourists, and has many familiar customers.
The bright white store is neatly arranged with jams from the Mampei Hotel, sweets and accessories limited to Shinshu, pickled nozawana, easy-to-use stylish aprons, Minoyaki and Shino ware coffee cups and flower vases, and ceramics by potter Yoshitaka Kumamoto.
Also popular is the Rakuyaki corner in the back of the store. Visitors can choose from a variety of unglazed pottery such as plates, dolls, and airplanes, and have fun painting and coloring them.


(Nakazato Co.

Address 19-5, Karuizawahigashi, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun
TEL 0267-42-2068

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