Azumaya (Old Karuizawa Store)


Tables and chairs made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) give the atmosphere of a teahouse on a mountain pass.
The most popular item is "chikimochi," a rice cake made with rice flour and sugar. Chikurimochi is said to have cheered up travelers crossing the Usui Pass, which was once said to be the most difficult pass on the Nakasendo Highway. The traditional method of making rice cakes without using any additives ensures a consistent deliciousness. On sweaty days, shaved ice is the best (from 400 yen). The traditional handmade taste has many strong fans.


Azumaya (Old Karuizawa Store)

Address 674, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Oaza-Karuizawa
TEL 0267-42-1701
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