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Autumn/Winter Exhibition: Christmas Market of Toys


A German Christmas filled with warm light

German winters are short on daylight hours and bitterly cold. During this long, dark season, people look forward to “Christmas” with great anticipation. In Germany, there are various cultures related to Christmas. One of them is the “Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt).
Christmas markets are held in town squares during “Advent,” the period of preparation for Christmas. In large cities, Christmas markets are held in the plazas in front of city halls and churches. Various stalls sell glühwein, sausages, German Christmas cake “Stollen,” and other delicacies. There are also stalls selling wooden toys such as Christmas tree ornaments (Baumschmuck), nutcrackers (Nussknacker), and Christmas pyramids (Weihnachtspyramiden). The Christmas pyramid is displayed in a window with a lit candle. The warm light of the candle-lit toys may brighten people’s hearts as well.
In addition to the Christmas market, there are other cultural aspects that are rare in Japan, such as “Kurrende (choir)” that sings chants around the houses during Christmas, “Christmas presents are given twice,” and “Santa Claus with a wooden stick”.
This exhibition will focus on toys associated with Christmas markets. Miniature reproductions of Christmas market stalls, a baker’s pipe doll holding a stollen, and other motifs unique to Christmas markets will be introduced. The culture associated with Santa Claus and Christmas customs such as choirs will also be on display, along with wooden toys that make great Christmas gifts. We hope you will enjoy the atmosphere of the Christmas market and find your favorite toys.

0Miniature of a Christmas market stall
0A Christmas atmosphere in Germany.

session (of a legislature)

Friday, October 7, 2022 – Monday, January 9, 2023

Eltz Toy Museum, Karuizawa

Adult: 750 yen
Single theater junior high and high school students: 500 yen
Elementary school students: 350 yen

2-museum set ticket with Karuizawa Museum of Picture Book Art

Adults: 1,400 yen
Junior high and high school students: 900 yen
Elementary school students: 650 yen


Eltz Toy Museum, Karuizawa
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