(1) Tree trekking
Cross a suspension bridge or rope from tree to tree and fly in the air hanging from a wire with a pulley! A special belt is worn for safety. Elementary school students and adults alike can enjoy this thrilling and exciting adventure in the shade of the trees, even in the hot summer.
(2) Amici Park
Under the blue sky, this activity park offers not only the standard sports such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, and Struckout, but also unusual sports such as fresco ball, cross-minton, and Molucco.
(iii) Snag Golf
Snag Golf (snag stands for "Start New At Golf") is a fun way to introduce children to golf. Snag Golf uses plastic clubs, tennis-like balls, and rubber tee mats. Adults and children alike can feel like professional golfers.
4) Disc golf
A very popular summer activity in North America, disc golf is a great game to enjoy with friends and family. Players compete by throwing a Frisbee at targets on the course. Players can compete for points or simply enjoy the game. All ages and athletic abilities are welcome.



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