Request regarding the use of electric kickboards in the Town of Karuizawa


On December 1 , a motorized kickboard user was reported at the Kaminohara intersection on Route 18 in Nakakaruizawa.

A tragic traffic fatality occurred.

The Karuizawa Tourist Association, the Town of Karuizawa, and related organizations take this situation very seriously and will work to prevent a recurrence.

We will continue to work toward stopping this problem. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


I understand that this is a case allowed under the Road Traffic Law,

Based on Karuizawa’s unique circumstances, the town of Karuizawa, which has been cultivated as a health recreation area, is a safe place to live.

To avoid damaging the environment for all traffic, do not use electric kickboards on public roads.

Please give the utmost consideration to the following.

For more information on the environment surrounding electric kickboards in Karuizawa and the new title, please click below.

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