This is an important notice to all those who are planning to visit Kumoba ike Pond for fall foliage viewing (2023).


To improve convenience for visitors to Kumoba ike Pond and to ease traffic congestion on surrounding roads,
A round-trip shuttle bus service (Karuizawa Station – Roppon Tsuji/Kumoba ike Pond) will be operated on a trial basis during the autumn foliage season, when crowds are expected to be particularly high, as follows.
There is no parking lot dedicated to Kumoba ike Pond.

Operation period

October 1 (Sunday) toNovember 12 (Sunday), 2023

9:00 a.m. to4:00 p.m.

(Runs every day during the period)

Number of services

10 buses per day (increased service during times when existing buses and other routes are out of service)

The timetable is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2023.

service section

Round trip between ” Karuizawa Station” and ” Roppon Tsuji/Kumoba-ike Pond” bus stop

(You can also get on and off at ” Shindo”, “Chubu Electric Power Company Mae “, and “Kyu-Karuizawa” bus stops.)


220 yen (from “Karuizawa Station” to “Roppon Tsuji/Kumoba ike Pond”)

*Fares are based on regular Seibu Kanko Bus route bus fares.

 For details, please contact Seibu Kanko Bus.

Bus Timetable between Karuizawa Station and Roppon Tsuji/Kumoba ike Pond (PDF/492KB)

The parking lot is scheduled to be demolished in October 2023 in conjunction with the flattening project of the “Old Karuizawa Town Parking Lot.” Since the parking lot will not be available during the construction period, parking may not be available in the surrounding area due to a decrease in the number of available parking spaces. There is also no dedicated parking near Kumobaike Pond. Please use public transportation when visiting Karuizawa, and walk, ride a bicycle, or take a shuttle bus to get around the town.

Click here for an article on the renewal work of the Old Karuizawa Parking Lot.

Click here for a map of the Kumobaike Pond area.

Click here for information from the Mayor of Karuizawa

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Tourism and Economy Division
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FAX number: 0267-46-3165
E-mail: kankei(at)
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