Reminder of the prohibition of feeding and feeding Japanese monkeys and other wild animals


Feeding and feeding wild animals such as Japanese macaques can cause them to become accustomed to humans, and can also cause wild birds and animals to become accustomed to humans.
In order to prevent human casualties and damage to agriculture and forestry caused by wild animals and beasts, the Nagano Prefecture Wildlife Damage Control Headquarters was established in accordance with the guidelines for the establishment of the Headquarters (Heisei 24).
The enforcement system established in accordance with the “Law Concerning the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of the Child” (November 21, 2007), notes the prohibition of these activities.
We are conducting a reminder.

As the number of tourists and other visitors is expected to increase in the near future, we are planning to increase the amount of food left over from camping, mountain climbing, and other tourist activities.
The placement of these animals in the wild leads to unintentional feeding of wild animals such as Japanese macaques, black bears, and wild boars, which in turn leads to human injury.
This may lead to accidents.

contact information (for inquiries) (e.g. corporate phone number)
Karuizawa Town Hall, Environment Division, Wildlife Control Section: 0267-45-8556
Nagano Prefecture, Forest Development Promotion Division, Bird and Wildlife Control Office: 026-235-7273

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