For the enjoyment of Karuizawa for years to come (Karuizawa Tourist Association)


With the spread of the coronavirus, the most urgent issue is to prevent the spread of infection rather than to promote tourism. However, people who know Karuizawa ask, “Have the firs in Karuizawa bloomed? “Will the cherry blossoms bloom early?” Are the stores closed because of the coronavirus? We have been receiving inquiries about the situation in Karuizawa. We would like to invite as many people as possible to visit and enjoy Karuizawa, but unfortunately, we are unable to attract and promote visitors.

 Under these circumstances, the Karuizawa Tourism Association has launched the official Nagano Prefecture tourism website (Go NAGANO) with the following message: “Now that it is difficult to go on a trip, we hope that you will feel like you have gone out even a little while staying at home, and that you will develop ideas for trips you plan to take after this difficult time is over. I think you have the power to make the time we spend at home a little happier.” In agreement with the above, I would like to share with you the scenery of Karuizawa through photographs.

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