Flying flying flying flying squirrel watching

Experience program

Observe a flying flying squirrel as it spreads its cloak-like body wide open and flies off into the forest at dusk. Through years of research, we even know their ecology and flight route, so the sighting rate is over 95% (96.89% in 2022/97.85% in 2023). The dynamic flight scenes are sure to draw cheers from the crowd.


Flying flying flying flying squirrel watching

date(s) (e.g. for exhibition)March 8 - November 30, 2024
ChargeJunior high school students - Adults 3,400 yen~
Elementary school students 2,500 yen and up
Infants (4-6 years old) Free
*Tax included
*Prices vary depending on the date of participation. Please confirm details from the reservation page.
subject (of taxation, etc.)4 years old- Adult
Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*Children under 3 years old are not allowed to participate. (Nor can they be accompanied.)
capacity (of boat, hall, aeroplane, airplane, etc.) 30 persons (depending on the day of the event)
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