Wild Bird Forest Nature Watching

Experience program

Wild Bird Sanctuary Nature Watching" is one of Picchio's most popular tours. Walking through the Karuizawa Wild Bird Sanctuary, you will observe seasonal creatures in their natural habitat. The walking distance is less than 2 km. Everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy this tour.


Wild Bird Forest Nature Watching

date(s) (e.g. for exhibition)Held every day
(Excluding 1/10-12, 1/15-19, and 3/4-5, 2024)
ChargeAdults 2,500 yen and up
4 years old~Elementary school student 1,200 yen~
Binocular rental 300 yen per binocular
*Tax included
*Prices vary depending on the date of participation. Please confirm details from the reservation page.
subject (of taxation, etc.)Anyone (children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
capacity (of boat, hall, aeroplane, airplane, etc.)20 persons (depending on the date of the event)
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