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Old and New Karuizawa

Patagonia Karuizawa [Karuizawa Store Mini Theater Vol. 4] “Running a Business to Save Our Home, the Earth

Running a business to save our home planet.”

With this mission, we are walking toward a store that is rooted in the community, people, and nature of Karuizawa.

We will hold a screening event of films recommended by our staff from among the many Patagonia films.

Date: 5/25 (Sat.) from 14:00

Venue: Patagonia Karuizawa

Reservations/Inquiries: 0267-41-6681 or DM

Capacity: 10 people (reservation required)

Participation fee: Free of charge


~ Monster in the Closet

Plastics are essential for making durable and functional products. However, the fossil fuels used to manufacture plastics and the pollution that accumulates after they are discarded are also accelerating the environmental crisis.

Through the eyes of a lawyer, a climate reporter, and a Patagonia materials designer, this film reveals the dangerous threads that connect the garment industry to the oil and gas industry. Think about what you can do at the individual, business, and policy levels to create the change our planet needs.

A session with the staff will be scheduled after the screening.

We hope that the people of Karuizawa will experience Patagonia’s origins and the values we hold dear through our work.


Date & Time Saturday, May 25, 14:00 -
Location Patagonia Karuizawa
Charge free
Contact us 0267-41-6681
Remarks Capacity: 10 people (reservation required)

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