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Karuizawa residents and residents only “How to train your dog” – For a happy life for both people and dogs

Karuizawa Central Community Center Lecture for Karuizawa residents and residents only

How to Train Your Dog” – For a Happy Life for Both People and Dogs

Training a family dog is essentially different from training a working dog. Let’s learn how to train your dog to become a dog that listens to you by teaching it commands, and how to make the ordinary moments of your daily life become the training for your dog so that you, your dog, and the people around you can be happy.

You are welcome to attend only the lecture! This is your chance to learn the best training methods based on animal behavior!

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How to apply

0267-45-8446 Call the Karuizawa Central Community Center at
*Registration for fall classes will begin in September. We are now accepting applications for spring classes.

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