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Karuizawa Culture Festival held!

This is the first time the Karuizawa Festival will be held.

The event is to “hand down the good old Karuizawa culture to future generations and create a new culture for the future 100 years.”
We would like to make this event a place where excitement is born, grows, and continues to spread, and we would like to develop it into an event that will lead to the future.

Please see the event calendar at the URL below.

The first three days of Craft Beer Festival 2023🍻.

Collaboration with Karuizawa Resort Telework Association, Karuizawa Workation DAY
On Friday, September 22, four facilities affiliated with the Telework Association will be open to the public free of charge!

The Art & Music Festival, the finale of the festival, will invite curators who resonate with the festival’s identity with a high degree of affinity, and will exhibit multiple works of art within the venue. The space will also echo the borderless musicality and groove of bands, rappers, singer-songwriters, DJs, and other artists who transcend genres, borders, and generations, enriching and stimulating their music and groove.
May “EPOCHS” be a day colored by an irreplaceable experience for you!

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