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From Karuizawa! History & Gourmet Touring along the Old Highway – Nakasendo & Kitaguni Kaido – Shinano Railway Cycle Train

Cycle train service on the Nakasendo and Kitakuni Kaido routes!

Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes

Cycling tour to “see, hear, feel, and eat” the Nakasendo and Kitakuni Kaido Roads from Karuizawa, reminiscing about the scenery of those days.

 The guide will take you to historical spots along the way, and you can also enjoy gourmet foods along the highway and the famous “Kurumi Soba @ Chokoan”. You can easily return home on the “Shinano Railway”.
Date] November 4, 2023 (Saturday)
Meeting】8:30(Karuizawa Station North Exit Rotary)
Participation fee] 6,500 yen (special fee for monitors)
 Includes guide fee, bicycle rental (helmet included), lunch (walnut soba noodles at Chokoan), gourmet foods along the route (steamed buns at Izumiya, oyaki at Hanaoka,) and insurance.
 *1,000 yen discount if you bring your own bicycle.
Target] 10 years of age and older with some physical strength.
 8:30~9:00 Registration (Karuizawa Station North Exit Rotary)
 9:00 Orientation
 9:30 Touring starts!
Karuizawa Main Street – Old Karuizawa Rotary
Nakasendo Touring
 On the way cycling along the old Nakasendo road from Kyu-Karuizawa to Oiwajuku, take a short break with tea sweets at “Aburaya” in Oiwajuku.
North Country Road Touring
 Cycling from Oiwake-juku along the old Hokkoku Kaido Road, taking a lunch break for “Walnut Soba” at Chokoan on the way, and a short break at Umino-juku.
 Arrive at Tanaka Station of Shinano Railway around 15:00
 Break up in front of Tanaka Station. Leave for home on the “Shinano Railway” cycle train (departing at 3:48 p.m.). (Train fare is at your own expense.)
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Co-sponsored by:
Field Management, Inc.
Karuizawa Travel & Consulting
Shinano Railway Co.
Karuizawa Tourist Association
Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization
Active Travel Japan K.K.
Komoro Tourism Bureau
Shinshu Toumi Tourist Association
Miyota Town Tourist Association
Shimomura Design Lab Inc.

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