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Tsuguharu Fujita and Ecole de Paris Exhibition (July 1-September 30, 2023) / Atelier Blanca Karuizawa

A major feature on the artists of the Ecole de Paris, centering on Tsuguharu Fujita, the darling of the age.

Atelier Blanca Karuizawa is pleased to present a special exhibition, “Tsuguharu Fujita and Ecole de Paris.

Between the two world wars, artists from all over the world gathered in Paris and created new artistic styles one after another.

Exhibits and sells works by painters of the Ecole de Paris, led by the heretical painter Tsuguharu Fujita, as well as arts and crafts by Art Nouveau artists Alphonse Mucha and Emile Gallé.

Please come to Karuizawa in summer to taste the good old days of Tomari.

Meeting Date

Saturday, July1, 2023 – Saturday, September30, 2023July-August 10:00-19: 00 / September onward


Closed :July-August: No holidays / Thursday from September


Atelier Blanca Karuizawa

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