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Karuizawa eco tourism

About Karuizawa Ecotourism

About Karuizawa eco tourism

Karuizawa is a highland town spreading out at the southern foot of the majestic active volcano, Mount Asama.
Although only about an hour away from Tokyo on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, the cool highland climate and lush natural environment are loved by people around the world, and over the past 130 years the area has developed into a unique international health resort.
Karuizawa is proud of its beautiful nature and landscape, which are not only a gift from nature, but have also been built by our predecessors and carefully protected and inherited by the townspeople. We will promote Karuizawa's version of eco-tourism to the future, while recognizing the splendor of coexistence with nature and the importance of cultural and environmental preservation, and working together to create "Karuizawa, a place where nature and culture come together" and further enhance the value of the area.

Experience Program

Experience program


Karuizawa offers many nature tours and outdoor programs that bring you into contact with nature. Here is a place where children can enjoy experiences that can only be had in nature, enhance their zest for life, and strengthen family bonds. Experience the fascinating climate at an altitude of 1,000 meters, where a wide variety of flora and fauna abound, and where the four seasons are woven into a magnificent natural landscape.

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History & Culture

Karuizawa has hosted many travelers since the Edo period. The three Asama-Nekoshi inns were crowded with people traveling to and from Edo and Kyoto. The "Bunkakure" on the west side of Oiwake-juku is the junction of the Nakasendo and the Hokkoku-kaido road to the Sea of Japan side, where Edo period guideposts and buildings still remain. In the Meiji period (1868-1912), the area attracted the attention of foreign missionaries and their families as a summer resort, and unique villa buildings not found in other areas were constructed. There are also many railroad remains and many hidden spots. The area's beautiful, clear nature and cool climate are praised as a "hospital without a roof," and this culture is still alive and well today.

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Karuizawa is famous as the birthplace of sports culture such as tennis, golf, and skating due to its climate and location. People from all over the world have gathered here as the site of two Olympic Games, one in summer and the other in winter. In the Kazakoshi Park area, there are facilities where various sports can be enjoyed, and curling can also be experienced.

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Karuizawa Ecotourism Initiatives


Two rules for promoting ecotourism

To promote ecotourism, two main voluntary local arrangements have been established: "rules for establishing an ecotourism system" and "rules for conducting tours. The Karuizawa Ecotourism Promotion Council, tour guides, organizations, people and participants involved in tourism, and other related parties will work to promote ecotourism while complying with these rules and laws.

Regional development through harmony between nature and tourism

The Town aims to promote local tourism and industry and regional development while preserving the rich natural environment and tourism resources. Through ecotourism efforts and involvement with tourist travelers, we will reaffirm the importance of the region's natural resources and increase local understanding and interest in the environment. We will also widely publicize the progress of our initiatives to the local residents and actively conduct promotional and educational activities through collaboration with school and social education.

Passing on and raising awareness to the next generation

To promote ecotourism, it is important for the next generation of children to understand the local tourism resources and attractions, and to pass on efforts to protect and utilize them. Our town will promote environmental education through ecotourism in order for children to deepen their understanding of local nature, culture, and history, and to develop a love of their hometown. We will also work to make ecotourism an important career choice in the future.