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Highlights of the guided course

This course is designed to show tourists visiting Karuizawa Town the best of Karuizawa, accompanied by a “Karuizawa Tourist Guide”.

(1) Walking in Old Karuizawa

(1) Old Karuizawa Ginza area

The area, which was also the Karuizawa inn on the old Nakasendo highway and the birthplace of the summer resort Karuizawa since the Meiji era, is home to the A. C. Shaw Memorial Chapel, tennis courts, Union Church, and the Saisei Muroo Memorial Museum.
This is a popular course that anyone can enjoy.

(2) Unba Pond from Old Karuizawa

From the Old Karuizawa Ginza, walk through a tunnel of large firs and other trees, including the Old Golf Street, through an area of old villas. Eventually, you will come to Kumoba Pond, fed by Gozensui, where you can see young leaves in early summer and autumn leaves beautifully reflected on the pond in fall.
It is popular among those who want to walk around the Karuizawa villa area and those interested in the Karuizawa lifestyle. The course is also especially recommended during the seasons of young leaves and autumn foliage.

(2) Oiwake walk

This course will take you to “Oiwake no Bunkaire,” the junction of the old Nakasendo and the old Hokkoku Kaido, Oiwake-juku, which retains the appearance of an old inn, Sengen Shrine with a large Basho haiku monument, and the Hori Tatsuo Literature Memorial Museum (where Hori Tatsuo lived in his later years).
Recommended for those interested in the literature of Tatsuo Hori, including “The Wind Rises” and “A Beautiful Village.”

*Admission fee is required to enter the Hori Tatsuo Memorial Museum. (400 yen)


(3) Walking in Nakakaruizawa

This course follows many literary monuments, including Kutsumigakejuku, a post station on the old Nakasendo Highway and a junction point for the Kusatsu direction, and the literary monument of Kitahara Hakushu, who wrote “Past the Karamatsu Forest…”. The recently popular Hoshino area, including Harunire Terrace and Dragonfly Bath, is also located in this area.
Recommended for those who have been to Karuizawa many times and want to relax after a day of strolling, shopping at Harunire Terrace, and relaxing at Dragonfly Hot Spring and Chigataki Onsen.


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