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Living in Karuizawa

It will be a little while before Karuizawa really starts to look like spring. The cherry blossoms will bloom in late April. However, in March, many stores and lodging facilities that have been closed for the winter will open their doors. Birds, which have been quiet during the winter, are chirping lively, as if they are happy to see the arrival of spring.
On a fine day, it is just warm enough for walking, but even though Karuizawa is only an hour or so from Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train, it is at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. The weather in the mountains is changeable, and snow may flicker. On such days, how about reading a book at a cafe? Karuizawa is dotted with unique cafes. A café with classical music has been a favorite of villa residents for decades. A café that serves delicious breakfast and is crowded from early in the morning by people who have recently moved here from Tokyo. A café where car enthusiasts gather. A café with a reputation for homemade bread… You can experience the atmosphere of a café in a classic hotel just by spending a little time there, even if you are not staying overnight. While it is a good idea to bring your own favorite book in your travel bag, a wonderful library opened this April 1 at the Kutsukake Terrace, an exchange facility at Nakakaruizawa Station. The director is Yuko Aoki, former NHK announcer and director of the Karuizawa Reading Center. Borrowing your favorites from the many books in this library and spending time at the café in the forest is also the Karuizawa way.

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