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<Precautions when taking wedding photos in Karuizawa

in town
● Do not enter the railroad tracks.
Do not go out on the roadway to take pictures.
● Do not enter the fields. The town is dotted with private lands and national forests, which are also habitats for valuable alpine plants.
If you wish to take pictures in front of a store, please ask the store’s staff for permission.

About the Facility
No photography is allowed on the grounds of the villa.
No photography is allowed on the premises of the accommodation.
If you wish to take pictures on the premises of a lodging facility, please be sure to ask permission from the staff of that facility.

At cultural facilities
If you wish to take photographs at a museum or other cultural facility, please purchase an admission ticket and ask a staff member at the facility.
Do not touch or sit on the exhibits.
Please use the library during the opening hours.
●Please be considerate of other visitors.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in a fine by the police. We ask for your cooperation in obeying the rules.

Welcome to Karuizawa

Thank you for visiting Karuizawa.
In Karuizawa, there are four beautiful and natural seasons.
We would like to provide the following travel tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable vacations there.

In Japan, people do not like to dress up and be taken photos on the street. Japanese may be surprised when seeing some tourists whose taking photos with dress up there.
In order to prevent any accident, unpresent memory and let you have a wonderful journey, we would like you all to pay attention to the following points.

On the street
– Don’t enter into the railtrack.
– Don’t take photo on the car road.
– Don’t step on any grassland because there are some private owned and national owned lands which are natural protected zones.
If you would like to take photos in front of any shops, please get the permission from the shop owners or staff first.

For the facilities
– It is not allowed to take photos in the area of vacation houses and accomodation facilitites.
– If you would like to take any photos at the accomodation facilities, please get the permission from the staff before you do that.

At culture facilities
– If you want to take photos at any museums and other cultural facilities, please purchase the admission ticket and confirm with the staff if it is allowed or not first if it is allowed or not first.
– Don’t touch the exhibition items.
– Please follow the opening and closing time.
– Please be considerate the other visitors.

If rules are not be followed, a person may receive a fine ticket from the police.

Thank you for your co-operations. Please call
Karuizawa Travel Agency at 0267-41-3850 with any question.

Welcome to輕井澤

Welcome and thank you for coming to輕井澤,we hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons in 輕井澤,with beautiful photos and memories.

In Japanese culture, there are many customs such as dressing up and taking photos on the street, but I am not sure if you are surprised by these things, but if you are going to have a holiday in Japan, please avoid unexpected and unpleasant situations.

On the -Zai Road
– Inaccessible train track.
– It is impossible to set up a video on a horse.
– Inaccessible grasslands, including private and national grasslands, and rare and protected highland plants.
– If you want to record in front of the shop, please get the consent of the store owner or the staff of the store first.

Residential Facilities
– You can’t record in the range of the facilities of the villa and the accommodation.
– If you wish to set up your own accommodation, you must first obtain the approval of the facility’s staff.

cultural facilities (art galleries, tea rooms, etc.)
– If you wish to visit cultural facilities such as museums, you must first purchase an admission ticket and notify the facility staff and obtain their consent.
– No light catalysts are allowed.
– Please observe the opening and closing hours of the museum.
– Please visit us and other visitors.

If you violate any of the above rules, you will be required to pay a fine to the local police, and we hope that you will cooperate with and comply with them.

If you have any questions, please contact輕井澤觀光協會, Phone: 0267-41-3850.

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