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People want to enjoy their own lives with healthy bodies and mental stability.

Karuizawa is
– “Climate effects (people adapt to stimuli from the natural climate. It improves physical strength and the immune system. The altitude of 1,000 meters is said to be similar to the pressurization that a fetus undergoes in its mother’s body, and it provides mental stability, healing, and a good night’s sleep. Refreshing cool air. Allergens are reduced. (Activation of aerobic exercise, strengthening of cardiopulmonary functions, and increase in heart rate). Other
– “The effect of shifting altitudes (relief from hustle and bustle and fatigue. Awakening of the six senses by moving through elevation changes in a short period of time. (etc.)”
– “Regional characteristic effects (rich ecosystem. Unique plateau climate = foggy sub-climate. Mountain forest and wilderness rate. Citizens’ activities to maintain local culture and strict rules to create aesthetics)”
environment and is said to promote a healthy body and brain activity.

We offer a variety of programs that are adapted to everyone’s needs in light of the fact that our ancestors called it a “hospital without a roof” (a natural sanatorium) and that it has developed as the place of choice for summer and vacation homes.

Karuizawa Travel & Consulting
Karuizawa Wellness “Karuizawa Snowshoe Tour

Refresh yourself at Wellness Resort Karuizawa! Snowshoe trekking in the silvery white field at the foot of Mt. Fee: 5,000 yen per person (including guide fee, equipment rental (snowshoes and poles), insurance, and consumption tax)

Wagamichi Tomo Acupuncture Clinic
For those who are new to acupuncture and moxibustion, we offer a trial acupuncture menu as an introduction to let them know that it is not scary or painful.
Shallow, low-irritation acupuncture needles are applied in a comfortable position, focusing on autonomic nervous system regulation. For those who are comfortable with acupuncture, we can perform acupuncture on a portion of the body that corresponds to the main complaints you are aware of.
During the summer months, we mainly operate in Karuizawa, but travel between Tokyo, Karuizawa, Manza, Atami, etc. Please contact us for schedule, rates, and more details.

Karuizawa Rickshaw Teyandiya
Rickshaw Rides – Special Wellness Course

A special wellness course that lets you feel the “forest,” “wind,” “water,” “light,” “flowers,” and “birds” of Karuizawa with your whole body is offered by a rickshaw tour.
The course will focus on the most beautiful nature of the moment, depending on the time of the year and the time of day.
May you absorb the full energy of nature throughout your body and become healthy in mind and body.

~Special wellness course by rickshaw
Duration 60 min. Fee 10,000 yen for 2 persons (8,000 yen per person)
Note: In addition to the ~Special Wellness Course~, regular courses are also available.
15-minute course: 3,000 yen for two persons (2,500 yen per person)
30-minute course: 5,000 yen for two persons (4,000 yen per person)
60-minute course: 10,000 yen for two persons (8,000 yen per person)
120-minute course: 20,000 yen for two persons (16,000 yen per person)
*The special wellness course focuses on the beauty of nature at that time rather than on famous landmarks.
Phone number: 050-3187-5595
E-mail address:

Guest House Co.
wellness house

Scandinavian houses made of high quality solid wood from Finland.
We propose comfortable living with high airtightness and insulation that is friendly to people and the environment.

From 30 million yen (for a custom-built house).
Phone number: 0267-46-5547
E-mail address:

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