Stone Church, Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Hall


Mysterious church made of stone and glass
This is a rare architecture in the world that combines "organic architecture" and the "non-denominational philosophy," which teaches that the place to make vows is in nature. There is no altar or cross in the hall, which is in harmony with nature, and light pours in through the arches, while the sound of water running down the stone walls echoes through the mysterious space.

*We may not be able to enter the church during certain times, such as when weddings are being held, but the church staff will guide you during other times. Please inquire at the site.


Stone Church, Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Hall

Address Hoshino, Karukaruizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun (on the premises of Hotel Breston Court)
TEL 0267-45-2288

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