Yakufu Retreat mie’s art kitchen café opens!


This summer, the Karuizawa Wellness Resort Promotion Department will launch a new wellness project, “Kokoro to tono yakuzen ryori” (heart-warming medicinal herbal cuisine).

We offer seasonal hospitality with delicious fruits from Karuizawa, medicinal lunches using Karuizawa King Kale and other ingredients, and a cafe menu.

Medicinal tea to strengthen the mind and body at Yaku Retreat®,Karuizawa plus herb tea and coffee from the Karuizawa Roasting Plant will also be available. In addition to cooking, we will also teach seasonal regimens for the body and mind.

Operating date and time (2024)
June 27,28
July 22,23
August 8,9,22,23
September 26,27
October 10,11

12:00-15:00 (LO) each day

What is a medicinal herbs retreat?
When the mind moves, the body changes.

Once you find your true self, your mind and body will be healthy. Yakuzen retreat® is a unique wellness retreat program based on Chinese medicine, which believes that people are a part of nature. Yakuzen retreat® is a program that helps people to balance the 3 minds, 4 yin-yang balances, and 7 chakras for a healthy mind and body.

For this purpose, we propose four approaches, food&tea breathing, self-writing, and self-touch retreats, combining “how to eat,” “how to balance the mind,” and “Yakuzen retreat® Yakuzen tea.

We believe that one of these, “eating,” is the closest to nature. We take the life of nature and transfer it to our own life. Mie’s art kitchen is a wellness program where you eat, feel, and share delicious food, and when you realize it, your body and mind will be healthy.

Be yourself and peace of mind. Be yourself, always with a peaceful heart. We hope to share a fun and delicious time with you with medicinal cuisine using delicious ingredients from Karuizawa.

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