The 8th Karuizawa Web Certification Examination Results


The results of the 8th Karuizawa Web Certification Test held on February 5 (Sat.) and 6 (Sun.), 2023 are as follows.

(examination) pass rate highest score
first-class 59.1% 90 points
second class 91.7% 93 points
third class 89.5% 100 points

For those who have taken the examination

Please be sure to check the notification of acceptance or rejection sent to the examinees by e-mail.
Successful applicants are requested to reply by Sunday, February 26 for the award to be sent out.

Shipping of the benefits
The award will be sent by the end of March after submission and confirmation of the required materials.
Please note that we may take some time after receiving your submission as we try to consolidate as much of the work and shipping as possible.

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