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BELOVED beadwork is a beautiful glass bead jewelry brand based in Cape Town, South Africa, where everything from design to production is done by local women.
The glass beads used to make the jewelry are from Hiroshima, Japan! They traveled from Japan to South Africa and came back to Japan in the form of materials.
The moment you put on this accessory, you will be surprised to find yourself shining with the jewelry.

African animals will also come to visit the venue. ZUVALANGA” figurines and accessories are created by Japanese who encountered South African beadwork, learned the techniques locally, and sublimated them into works of art. Please come and feel the possibilities of the material beads and the power and richness of human imagination and imagination!


Hello, my name is Philotrade.

Philosophy × Trade

Ethical? Fair Trade?
No, I don’t think so,

Ethical and fair trade are both major principles that seek to resolve distortions in the world.

But it’s not that big a deal. Everyone has a smaller idea or commitment = philosophy.
By connecting each person who creates and each person who receives the product, the world will move little by little.
Value is created by trading (exchanging) each other’s philosophies.
That is our “philo trade”.


Lucite Gallery in Shinano-Oiwake Cultural Magnetic Field Aburaya
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