Shinshu Plastic Smart Movement started on May 17, 2025 / Nagano Prefecture


Marine plastic debris has become a global problem in recent years, and there are concerns about misuse by marine organisms and the impact on ecosystems of microplastics that have been reduced to less than 5 mm by ultraviolet rays and other means in the natural world.
It is said that 70% of marine plastic litter originates from land areas, and our prefecture, with rivers flowing into the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, is no stranger to this.
Therefore, we are promoting the “Shinshu Plastic Smart Movement” to deal with plastic wisely, starting from our prefecture, which is located in the upper reaches of the river, aiming to continue to be the “No.1 in Japan in waste reduction” and to make Nagano Prefecture “environmentally friendly”.

Exercise Overview

We call on all residents of the prefecture to be aware of the three “C’s”.
Choice Choice Consciously “choose” whether straws and plastic bags are necessary or not
Change Change Change Little by Little “Transformation” from Disposable Plastics to Alternatives
Collect Collect Separate and “Collect” Separate and collect used plastics according to the rules.

Expected Effects

Continued to be Japan’s smallest producer of general waste (per person per day)
Improving the image of Shinshu as a litter-free and environmental prefecture

For more information, visit the Nagano Prefecture website.

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