2019/10/7-31 Old Karuizawa Futate Bridge, one side of the road in front of the bridge.


The soil under the road in front of the Old Karuizawa Futate Bridge is crumbling, from 10/7 to 10/31.
Pavement repair work will be performed. One side of the road will be closed during this period.

Work name: FY 1991 Prefectural Small Fracture Repair Work: Bridge Repair Work
Construction period: Main construction: October 7 to October 31, 2048 (tentative)
Traffic regulations: alternating traffic in one direction, closed to large vehicles
*Traffic will be restricted all day.

Notice of Repair Work on the Erte Bridge (PDF)
Detour route map for large vehicles (PDF)

For inquiries, please contact

Maintenance Section, Maintenance Management Division, Saku Construction Office

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