Status of facilities in the town after Typhoon No. 19 and bus and train operations


Update: October 23, 2019

For information on facilities and traffic in the town due to the typhoon, please contact
Please refer to FM Karuizawa or Karuizawa Town Hall website.
FM Karuizawa:
Karuizawa Town Hall:

Hokuriku Shinkansen in operation except for some sections.
Timetable after October 15, 2019 (PDF)
Timetable after October 25, 2019 (PDF)

Shinano Railway
The trains between Nagano Station and Ueda Station and between Tanaka Station and Karuizawa Station will operate from the first departure.
Suspended between Tanaka Station and Ueda Station

Usui Karuizawa IC – Saku IC road closure will be lifted at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 23
For the time being, there is a section of two-way traffic (one lane each up and down) utilizing uphill traffic.

Status of the town’s bus service
Town bus
Kusakaru Kotsu
Seibu Bus
JR Bus
*Buses bound for Manza and Kusatsu are in normal operation, but there may be delays due to detours depending on conditions.

Shiraito Highland Way ⇒ Normal

Facilities Town facilities temporarily closed ⇒ All facilities open normally

Status of tourist attractions (as of 18th)
(1) Unba Pond – The west side of the boardwalk is impassable. (Other areas are passable.) (2) Unba Pond: The west side of the promenade is impassable. There is no damage to the autumn foliage.
(2) Shiraito Falls – The falls themselves are not affected. The trail to the waterfall has partially collapsed, but the path to the waterfall is still passable.
(3) Ryu-ganeshi Falls – Impassable. (You can’t go there.) (4) Tatsunaga Falls
④Shinanoji Nature Trail・・・Traffic is allowed between Mine-no-chaya and Shiraito no Taki Waterfall.
 No passage between Shiraito Falls and Rising Field.
 Passage is allowed between Rising Field and Mikasa Hotel.
(5) Chigataki Waterfall – Impassable.
(6) Old Usui Pass scenic trail – not passable.
(7) Ishizon Mountain – Impassable.
(8) Nose bend mountain – Impassable. (To be confirmed).

*All of the impassable areas are inaccessible due to fallen trees and collapsed boardwalks.

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