Information related to new coronavirus infection


Please see the information below for prevention against new coronaviruses and other information.

Karuizawa Town
New coronavirus-related information.
About the new coronavirus infection.”
Karuizawa Version Guidelines” for Prevention of New Coronavirus Infections

Nagano prefecture (Chuubu area)
Shinshu Version: A New Practice of Travel
“Countermeasures Against New Coronavirus Infections.”

  • Request to Businesses Regarding New Coronavirus Infections
  • Q&A on novel coronavirus
  • Information on medical institutions with foreign language capabilities
  • Tourist Information (Simplified, Traditional, English, Japanese)
  • Consultation service for symptomatic patients of new coronavirus infection

Japan Tourism Agency
Notice of Call Center for Foreign Tourists.”

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
About the new coronavirus infection.”
for English
for Chinese

  • About medical institutions that can provide services in foreign languages
  • Q&A on new coronavirus infection
  • About the telephone consultation service
  • For those suspected of having a new type of coronavirus infection
  • To all passengers entering or departing from the People’s Republic of China

Special Site: New Virus Pneumonia

Pickup Site