Introduction of typical autumn foliage spots in Karuizawa


Here are some representative spots from past photos of autumn foliage.

Shin-Karuizawa: Karuizawa Station North Exit, Ohga Hall, Shinonome Intersection, Hatoyama Street
Old Karuizawa: Kumoba Pond, Shaw Memorial Chapel, St. Paul’s Church, Gazebo, etc.
Nakakaruizawa: Along the Yugawa River, Nagakura Shrine, Yugawa Furusato Park, Kera Pond
Shiozawa: Picture Book Forest Art Museum, Karuizawa Tagliassen, Kazakoshi Park
Oiwake: Shinano Oiwake Station, Oiwake Local Museum, Hori Tatsuo Literature Memorial Museum
Wide area: Karuizawa Marathon Festival, Usui Pass Megane Bridge, 1000 meter forest road

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New Karuizawa

Karuizawa Station North Exit

These are the autumn leaves at the north exit of Karuizawa Station, the gateway to Karuizawa.
2013Fall Leaves Flash Report 1101ekikitaguchi

Ohga Hall

Along with Ooga Hall, the adjacent Yagasaki Park is an excellent spot for a relaxing stroll while enjoying the view of Mount Asama and the autumn leaves.
20131025oga_Foliage report

Karuizawa Main Street, Shinonome intersection

Stores, museums, and galleries line the Shinonome intersection. Ginkgo trees, which are scarce in Karuizawa, add color to the area.
2013 Autumn Foliage Flash Report 1018shinonome

Hatoyama Street

A quiet villa scene with the early morning sun shining through.
2013 Autumn Foliage Flash Report 1106kyukaru

Old Karuizawa

Unba Pond

Just before dawn, the starry sky was particularly beautiful. Here is a 30-minute star trajectory at Unba Pond, where the autumn leaves are at their peak.

Shaw Memorial Chapel

Shaw Memorial Chapel, the oldest church in Karuizawa, founded by missionary Alexander Croft Shaw. There are so many fallen leaves that the church priest has to clean it twice a day, morning and evening, to keep up. Three Canadian maple trees have been planted here, and the yellow fallen leaves enhance its beauty.
2013 Fall Foliage Flash Report 1030shaw

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church is one of the symbols of Old Karuizawa. The beautiful gradation of autumn leaves colors this quaint wooden building. It is a perfect photo point.

Suwa Shrine

Suwa Shrine is tucked away on a back street one street back from the main street in Old Karuizawa. The vivid leaves of the old trees spreading on the carpet of moss paint a wonderful colorful scene. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the autumn leaves with tranquility.

Shiraito Falls

The tourist spot Shiraito Falls is located on the Shiraito Highland Way. You can enjoy the autumn leaves not only in the surrounding area but also on the drive to your destination.

Old Usui Pass Gazebo

When the weather is fine, you can see Mt. Asama and the mountains on the Gunma side of the mountain. It is also called Sunset Point because of its beautiful sunset. Please note that the cobblestone promenade is slippery at some points along the way.

Kumano Koutai Shrine (the inner shrine of Ise Shrine)

The top of the Usui Pass, 1,200 meters above sea level, this is a rare shrine in Japan where the border between the two prefectures, Nagano and Gunma, is divided at the center of the shrine.


Along the Yugawa River

On a clear day, Mt. Asama can also be seen. The photo shows the view from the bridge crossing to Nagakura Shrine.
2013 Autumn Foliage Bulletin 1105nagakurajinja

Nagakura Shrine

Adjacent to Nagakura Park, visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves while strolling through the park.

Yukawa Furusato Park

The golden color of the larch forest is magnificent.
2013 Fall Foliage Flash Report1109furusatopark

Hoshino Area Kela Pond Skating Rink

Nature Tour gateway to Picchio. Kela Pond can be enjoyed as a skating rink from late October.

salted fish (esp. salmon)

Picture Book Forest Art Museum

This is a natural garden created by British landscape designer Paul Smither that plays on the original landscape of Karuizawa.
2013 Autumn Foliage Flash Report1031ehonnomori

Karuizawa Tagliassen

In the park, historical buildings of Karuizawa have been relocated, and visitors can stroll around in the quiet air and take their time to appreciate them.

Kazakoshi Park Karuizawa Ice Park

Karuizawa Ice Park is equipped with one of the largest curling facilities in Japan, and an outdoor skating rink will be available from November. Kazakoshi Park also has tennis courts, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, an indoor skating rink, a botanical garden, and an Olympic memorial monument.
2013 Fall Foliage Flash Report1110icepark

forked road

Shinano Oiwake Station

Although Shinano Oibu is a small, unmanned station, such scenes are one of the charms of Karuizawa. The cherry blossoms on the lower side of the station bloom magnificently in spring.
2013 Fall Foliage Bulletin 1029shinanooiwake

Oiwake Folk Museum

A local museum along the road that retains the atmosphere of an inn town. Materials related to the Oiwambetsu Festival have been preserved.

Hori Tatsuo Literature Memorial Hall

The autumn leaves of the trees lining both sides of the entrance are magnificent.

Other, wide area

Karuizawa Marathon Festival

The Karuizawa Marathon Festival is held annually under the autumn leaves, and in 2020 will be held as an online marathon.
2013 Fall Foliage Flash Report 1027marathon

Usui Pass Megane Bridge

A brick arch bridge in the neighboring town of Matsuida, Gunma Prefecture, about 40 minutes by car from Karuizawa. It is the Usui Pass Megane Bridge, an important cultural property that was featured in the Ghibli movie “The Wind Rises. (Photo taken on November 6, 2013)
2013 Autumn Foliage Flash Report 1106megane

1,000-meter forest path

The road stretches east to west parallel to the north side of National Highway 18. This is the autumn foliage of the street called “1,000-meter forest road” due to its high elevation. (Photo taken 11/10/2013)
2013 Autumn Foliage Flash Report 1110rindo

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