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Cosmetics containing high concentration of fullerene “Niles” Mail order information

Origin of the Niles Cosmetics brand name
Cleopatra = Egypt, the birthplace of makeup, thinking of the Nile River

Niles cleansing emulsion (removes, birch bark extract, whitening)
Niles Lipidulence Soap (wash, phospholipid, moisturizer)

give (esp. to someone of lower status)
Nile scouring lotion (purple root, licorice extract, soothing and detoxifying)
Niles Fuller Lotion (serum, anti-aging skin)
Niles Fullerens Cream (nutritional and anti-aging skin care)

keep (i.e. a promise)
Niles Sunscreen (also used as a makeup base, more than a dozen herbal extracts)
Niles Liquid Foundation (moisturizing and antiviral)
Niles Two-Way Foundation (moisturizing, antioxidant, skin aging, anti-viral)

Special Care
Enrich Essence (high concentration of fullerene, EGF, cell proliferation)

Nail Spilling Gel (aging exfoliation, plant extracts, ultra-pure water cluster gel)

*I guess expensive cosmetics are not always good for the skin.
*Your skin will prove the quality of the ingredients.
*With corona continuing, a well-balanced blend of evidenced cosmetics keeps the epidermis healthy.
*Three things: simple care, cost performance, and texture.
*We will give away one Niles Lipidulence Soap Mini to anyone who orders it!
*Two-way foundation with compact case is offered at (R) price

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