2021 Cherry Blossom Spot Special / Typical cherry blossom spots in Karuizawa with map


Here are some typical cherry blossom spots in Karuizawa

In spring in Karuizawa, white blossoms of kobushi (Japanese pampas grass) bloom first, followed by cherry blossoms. If the weather is favorable, visitors can enjoy the gradation of white and pink flowers.
We have picked out locations throughout the town that are particularly easy for anyone to get to. In addition to these, there are many other places to enjoy cherry blossoms, so please try to find your favorite spot.
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Preliminary list of cherry blossoms blooming in 2021

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Events to be enjoyed with cherry blossoms

>> Karuizawa Wakaba Festival 2021 (2021/5/1-6/6)

Typical cherry blossom spots in Karuizawa

Karuizawa Cherry Blossom Spot MAP

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