2021 Karuizawa Spring Specials / For your GW travel plans!


This page features information on enjoying spring in Karuizawa. Please use this page to make your Golden Week travel plans.
There are special gift and discount offers exclusive to the web feature. Don’t miss it!

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Karuizawa Wakaba Festival” will be held from May 1 to June 6, 2021!
2021 Karuizawa cherry blossom spot special / with map
Preliminary report on cherry blossom blooming in 2021

Spring Strawberry Picking in Karuizawa Highlands♪
The rich nature of the Karuizawa Highlands produces ripe strawberries that are second to none. You can also find very rare black and white strawberries.
Present this event information website to receive a 200 yen discount on a special strawberry smoothie!
Karuizawa Garden Farm
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Poetic drama “Hibiki to Furious” / Shinano Oiwake Cultural Magnetic Field Aburaya

The poetry play “Hibiki to Furious” will be performed on May 1 (Sat.) and 2 (Sun.) at the “Cultural Magnetic Field Aburaya” Tenjin Jiten!
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Church Street Karuizawa Lucky Stamp Walking

Accumulate stamps and win hotel accommodation tickets, gift certificates, admission tickets, and tenant goods by drawing. 2021/5/1-5/5 (Drawing time) 10:30-17:30
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Refresh & Retreat with Nordic Walk! /Karuizawa Travel & Consulting

5/12 (Wed) Tour of Karuizawa’s fresh greenery and historical spots – with Lunch Box at Cafe & Resort Dilettante – Application deadline: May 9 (Sun)
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I wanted to try it once! Let’s experience curling! Karuizawa Ice Park

Curling you have seen on TV! You can experience it at the ice park!
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Mikado Coffee Spring Topics

Spring coffee recommendations, spring cakes, etc.
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Spring/Summer Exhibition: Alice in Mirror Country (first half) / Karuizawa Museum of Picture Book Art

What kind of story is “Alice in Mirrorland,” the sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”? What are Mother Goose and non-sense poems?
Period: 04/24 (Sat) ~ 06/21 (Mon) Closed: Tuesdays *But open on [GW] May 4 (Tue). No substitute closure. Temporary closing days】4/21(Wednesday)~4/23(Friday)
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Spring/Summer Exhibition: German Tones Played by Toys (first half)/Elz Toy Museum, Karuizawa

Introduction of various German cultures with toys that play musical instruments
Period: 04/24 (Sat) ~ 06/14 (Mon) Closed: Tuesdays *But open on [GW] May 4 (Tue). No substitute closure. Temporary closing days】4/21(Wednesday)~4/23(Friday)
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Tsuguharu Fujita and Gentiles in Paris / Atelier Blanca Karuizawa

The exhibition and sale will feature popular works by Tsuguharu Fujita, as well as many works by Picasso, Chagall, Kiyoshi Hasegawa, and other artists of his time.
Period: 04/24 (Sat) – 07/15 (Thu) April – June 10:00 – 18:00 Closed on Thursdays / July 10:00 – 19:00 Open every day
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