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Karuizawa Traffic Comfort Measures will be implemented from July 22 (Thursday, national holiday) to August 15 (Sunday), 2021.

Karuizawa Traffic Comfort Measures…

We will promote the use of parking lots near the Komoro, Miyota, Shinano Oiwake, and Nakakaruizawa stations for transferring to the railroad and the use of the town’s circular buses for travel within the town.
To avoid traffic congestion, please follow the detour signs.

Aim of Measures

Visitors are encouraged to park their own cars in suburban parking lots and transfer to public transportation (railroads and buses) to enjoy the natural beauty and townscape of Karuizawa in a relaxed atmosphere.
Also, by using public transportation and avoiding traffic jams, you can reduce traffic accidents, stress, and CO2 emissions. We appreciate your cooperation.

For other detailed information on the Park & Rail Ride, please visit the official website of the Town of Karuizawa.
Karuizawa Traffic Comfort Measures” (Karuizawa Town)

For inquiries, please contact

Town of Karuizawa, Resident Division, Traffic Policy Section
Phone number: 0267-45-8540
FAX number: 0267-46-3165
E-mail: kotsuseisaku(at)
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