Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund


Request for your cooperation for the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund.

We are asking for your cooperation for Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund at each tourist information counter.

This Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund will be sent directly to the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan as relief funds to assist Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion.

Relief Money Box Location

  • Karuizawa Station Tourist Information Counter
  • Nakakaruizawa Station Tourist Information Counter
  • Karuizawa Tourist Center
  • Karuizawa Tourism Promotion Center

Relationship between Ukraine and Karuizawa

During World War II, Karuizawa was evacuated by the Ukrainian-born pianist master Leo Sirota, who came to Japan in 1929 and remained for 15 years, training many students as a performer and educator. His daughter, Beate Sirota Gordon, was a member of the Japanese Constitution of 1946 and was instrumental in the creation of the human rights clause and the enshrinement of women’s rights.

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