2014 special feature vol.15 Karuizawa Winter Sports Special


In addition to ski resorts conveniently located within walking distance from train stations and outlets, Karuizawa offers many places to enjoy the winter in Shinshu, including one of the largest curling rinks in Japan, outdoor skating rinks, nature tours, and more. Karuizawa also hosts official competitions such as curling, ice hockey, and speed skating. In this special issue, we bring you the latest information on such winter sports in Karuizawa.

Winter Video / Karuizawa Tourism Association YouTube Channel
Visit Karuizawa, Shiga-kogen & Snow Monkey Spa in winter 2014

The introduction video of Karuizawa, Shiga Kogen, and Shibu Onsen Jigokudani Yaen-koen in winter. Here is a stay report of a guest from overseas.

Winter sports competitions to be held in Karuizawa this winter

2014/12/6sat and 7sun
The 23rd Karuizawa Youth Ice Hockey Tournament – Elementary School Division

Location: Fuetsu Park Ice Arena
Description: Ice hockey tournament, a popular winter sport for elementary school students in and outside of the prefecture

2014/12/18thu-21st sun
Karuizawa International Curling Championships 2014

Location: Kazakoshi Park Karuizawa Ice Park
Description: An international curling tournament held annually in Karuizawa. Starting this year, we will be the first Asian team to participate in the World Curling Tour, a world-class prize money tour. The women’s Canadian team that won the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics and the women’s Swiss team that won the 2014 World Championships will also participate!
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2015 Karuizawa Open Curling Competition

Location: Kazakoshi Park Karuizawa Ice Park
An open curling competition in the town of Karuizawa was held for the first time as an official event at the Nagano Winter Olympics.

2015/1/4sun, 17sat – 18sun
Karuizawa Skating Competition

Location: Fuetsu Park Outdoor Skating Rink
Activities:The 54th Speed Skating World Championships for elementary school students on Jan. 4 and the 53rd Speed Skating World Championships for junior high school students on Jan. 17 and 18.

2015/2/7sat & 8sun
2014/15 Japan Cup Speed Skating Competition (Round 4)

Location: Fuetsu Park Outdoor Skating Rink
Description: The fourth round of the competition, held from November to February in various locations in Japan, in which contestants compete based on the total points they have earned.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort 2014/11/01-2015/04/05

The ski resort is a short walk from Karuizawa Station and Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. It is also famous for the view of Mt. Asama that can be seen from the course. This year again, lift fares are free for children of elementary school age and younger, and for weekdays only, lift fares are also free for those 20 years old! Ski school, events, and gourmet food are also available! We hope you will take advantage of this offer.
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Karuizawa Ice Park Winter Curling Experience

Experience curling at one of the largest facilities in Japan, where international competitions are also held. This is for beginners. First-timers are welcome! Instructors will be with you for 60 minutes to help you enjoy the basics and games. (Time required: 1 hour)
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Karuizawa Kazakoshi Park Outdoor Skating Rink 2014/11/9-2015/2/15

The 400-meter outdoor skating rink at Fuetsu Park is open for a limited time. You can also enjoy night skating under the lights. Weekdays 7:00 – 20:00 / Holidays 9:00 – 18:00 [Town residents] 200 yen for elementary and junior high school students / 400 yen for adults [Outside of town] 400 yen for elementary and junior high school students / 800 yen for adults (rental skates, skating aids, helmets, etc. available for a fee)
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Picchio Natural Ice “Forest Skating Rink”
12/20/2014 – 2/22/2015

The Forest Skating Rink is located in the forest adjacent to the Karuizawa Wild Bird Forest. Short lessons for first-time skaters and kitchen cars are also available! Enjoy skating while feeling at one with nature and a sense of openness.
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Piccio “Snowfield Picnic” 2014/12/20-2015/3/22

Snowshoeing allows you to enjoy to the fullest the areas where you would normally be unable to go. You can follow the footprints of rabbits and foxes, observe wild birds, and have a blissful tea time on the snow. This is a tour where you can fully enjoy the nature in winter.
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Winter Sports Information in Nagano Prefecture

2014/12/20/21 Shinshu First Slide★GOGO! Campaign
Win gorgeous prizes (over 1,000 in total) such as lift season tickets, lodging tickets, snow gear, and specialties from the prefecture!

One entry ticket will be given to those who purchase a qualifying lift ticket at all open ski resorts in Nagano Prefecture on December 20 (Sat.) and 21 (Sun.), 2014. A prize will be drawn from among those who apply for the contest.
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Comprehensive portal site for Nagano ski resort information NAGANO SNOW LOVE.NET

A comprehensive portal site where you can check snowfall information, events, and campaigns at ski resorts in the prefecture, and if you register as a member of SNOW LOVE.NET (free of charge), you can enter to win lift tickets in the prefecture.

Shinshu Snow Kids Club

For an annual membership fee of 1,000 yen, you will receive a free 1-day lift ticket (child ticket) to a ski resort in Nagano Prefecture, a 1,000 yen discount coupon for a ski/snowboard school lesson, 3 discount coupons for ski/snowboard/wear (1-day set each) rental, 3 discounted 1-day lift tickets for family members, 3 discounted hot spring bath tickets, a point rally, and many other family-friendly benefits! A point rally and many other benefits for family fun!

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