2015 Special Feature vol.1 Karuizawa Valentine’s Day Special / Special Valentine’s Day in Karuizawa


Valentine’s Day is a time to spend romantically in an atmosphere that is a little different from the usual and more mature. Karuizawa, known as a sacred place for lovers, has a variety of events planned to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion. There are special plans at hotels, chocolate classes, illumination, bus tours, concerts, Heart Marche, fireworks, and more. Also, don’t miss the limited time offerings of Valentine’s Day gifts unique to Karuizawa. Please come to Karuizawa this year and spend a special time with your loved one.

Valentine’s Day and White Day Events / Chocolate Classes Held
Hotel Cypress Karuizawa

With this plan including dinner and breakfast and a relaxed check-out time, why don’t you say “Thank you and best wishes” to your loved ones, family, and friends? Why don’t you say “Thank you and keep up the good work! From February 1 to March 14, Cypress Karuizawa will be offering a special Valentine’s Day and White Day dessert to add to the full-course dinner menu. Also, for this plan only, “Cake & Cocktails – Valentine’s Day & White Day Special” will be offered free of charge at the lounge. From February 1 to February 13, a chocolate class by our patissier will also be held.
→Details of Valentine’s Day and White Day events (2/1-3/14) are here.
→Click here for details on the Chocolate Class (2/1-2/13)

French dinner for your lover with cake to enjoy in your room
The Prince Karuizawa 2015/2/3/3-2/14 and 3/3-3/14

Beauséjour,” a serene brick dining room, is a luxurious space where you can enjoy the quiet time flowing slowly. Enjoy a special dinner with your lover, a couple, or a family while admiring the beautiful winter scenery of Karuizawa and the night view of the plateau.
→1 Night Plan with Evening Breakfast + Room Service Cake to be enjoyed in your room Click here for details

Japan Nightscape Heritage] Ice Pillar Shiraito Illumination Held
Shiraito Highland Way
1/30/2015 – 3/15/2015 Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The Hyobashira Shiraito Illumination, which was recognized as a Japan Nightscape Heritage in July 2014, will be held again in 2015, and on Saturday, February 14, the Hyobashira Shiraito Shuttle Bus will be available from the Valentine in Karuizawa “Valentine Special Event” site! Please come and enjoy the mystical and heartwarming glow of ice and light.
→Click here for more information about the Hakutsu Shiraito (ice pillar) illumination.

Saison de chocolat
Hoshino area 1/30/2015 – 2/14/2015

Hoshino Area will hold a Valentine’s Day event “Saison de Chocolat”. This year, under the theme of “Chocolat Marriage,” this chocolate-filled sweets event will offer a lovely Valentine’s Day-style marriage of chocolates and alcohol, chocolates and flowers, and more. You can also enjoy a harp performance.
→Click here for details.

Valentine’s Day Coffee 2015
Mikado Coffee

Mikado Cofee’s ” Valentine Coffee 2015″ will be available from Saturday, 1/17/2015. Cakes will also be available, perfect for “Valentine’s Day”.
→Click here for more information.

We have a selection of Valentine’s Day products
Patisserie Chez Kajiwara

From now until Valentine’s Day, we will offer a wide selection of chocolates, chocolate cakes and chocolate baked goods. We will be offering limited time only items such as “Nama Chocolate,” “Chocolat Orangette,” and “Rocher,” as well as the popular “Karuizawa Chocolate Eggs. Reservations are recommended due to the limited quantities.
→Click here for more information.

Valentine’s Day product “Choco Salami” now on sale!
Atelier de Fromage Karuizawa Kiosk – 2/14/2015

Chocolate filled with Ichida persimmons from Takagi Village in Nagano Prefecture and walnuts from Tomi City is made to look like salami. Homemade hard cheese is the secret ingredient.
→Click here for more information.

Karuizawa Winter Festival 2015
Valentine in Karuizawa 2015/2/1-2/15

Valentine illumination, special events at Ohga Hall, Valentine HANABI, church events, Hyobashira Shiraito Shuttle Bus, and going with Kotetsu! Valentine’s Day in Karuizawa! Special Tour, etc. There are many events to make Valentine’s Day in Karuizawa, a sacred place for lovers, even more exciting!
→Click here for more information.

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