1/22-25 Karuizawa Art Fest in Ginza, Tokyo Ginza NAGANO


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Karuizawa Art Fest in Ginza

From Thursday, January 22 to Sunday, January 25, there will be various events, workshops, Karuizawa Kitchen, museum goods sales, Karuizawa tourist information, and much more. Please visit the Karuizawa Art Forest at Ginza NAGANO during these four days. Visitors will have a chance to win a “Karuizawa Prince Hotel” accommodation ticket present. *Tour is free of charge. Workshops and other events are partially charged.


Karuizawa 3 Women Craftspeople Exhibition
We will introduce a variety of masterpieces by female craftspeople who have their own studios in Karuizawa. Free of charge


Karuizawa Museum of Picture Book Art Curator’s Choice Picture Book Exhibition
A fun pop-up picture book that pops up when opened decorates a birch forest in a fairy tale. Free admission

Jan. 23-25

Boulanger Asanoya’s Karuizawa Kitchen
Asanoya’s bread, soup, beef stew, rusks, etc. will be sold at the kitchen corner. 11:00 – *Sale ends when sold out.

Workshop Let’s make a cute pill case!
Let’s make a pill case of cute macaron-shaped fabric. 12:00 – 17:30 Fee: from 500 yen (including materials)


Shogo KARIYAZAKI’s floral art display
Demonstration of ikebana display by Karuizawa’s favorite flower arrangement artist, Shogo KARIYAZAKI 10:00-12:00 Free admission

Uchida Seizo’s Lecture on Historical Modern Architecture, Karuizawa
ArchitectureLectures on historical and modern buildings in Karuizawa, including introductions to the buildings and episodes of the architects.17:30-19:00Participation is free


Picture book and wooden toy learning program (slide lecture)
You can experience an intellectual curiosity program in Ginza that uses slides and materials to explain the appeal of picture books and toys in an easy-to-understand manner. Free of charge

Fun puppet show of marionettes
Fun marionette puppet show. Free to attend.


Karuizawa Art Museum Council


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