2015 Special Feature vol.2 Karuizawa Spring Vacation & Hokuriku Shinkansen Special / Spring to Shinshu and Hokuriku!


On Saturday, March 14, the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line will open, connecting Shinshu and Hokuriku in a straight line. This spring, we would love to enjoy the scenery of Shinshu and Hokuriku together in a luxurious setting. Here are some spots to enjoy in Karuizawa during your spring break, as well as limited-time-only products that make great souvenirs. Be sure to conclude your trip to Shinshu and Hokuriku with a visit to Karuizawa!

Cherry Blossom Blende / Cherry Blossom Fair held!
2015/3/1- Mikado Coffee

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Mikado Coffee will launch the limited-time “Sakura Blend” on March 1! This coffee has a sweet, rich mouthfeel and a bitter aftertaste, reminiscent of spring. Other cherry blossom-related sweets such as “Sakura Saku Rusk” and “Sakura Purin” are also available. Of course, our standard mocha soft serve is also very popular. Please stop by!
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The spring ’15 issue of Rurubu FREE Karuizawa features the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train!
Free distribution from mid-March

The spring issue of Rurubu FREE Karuizawa ’15 features the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line in Kanazawa! It also has extensive information on dining, leisure, and events. It also has information on dining, leisure, and events, and comes with coupons! Be sure to pick up a copy when you come to Karuizawa!
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Hoshino Area in Spring
Spring Harmony” and “Strawberry Menu.”

Karuizawa Highland Association in the Hoshino area will hold “Spring Harmony” from March 1 (Sun.). The sound of wind chimes that carry the wind across the forest will ring out, and in conjunction with the gospel service every Sunday, a spring concert will be held with harp and flute, two musical instruments, which anyone can freely attend. In addition, a variety of strawberry menus will be available at various places in the Hoshino area until April 30.
→Spring Harmony (3/1/2015-5/10/2015)
→Click here for details on the strawberry menu (currently being held – 4/30)

Handmade pairings in Karuizawa at a limited time price!
Jewelry Workshop Sho, Karuizawa Bridal Information Center

You can make the world’s only pair of rings in 2 hours using silver clay.
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Spring Break Intensive One-Day Lesson!
Karuizawa ABC International School

Spring Intensive, a one-day program that spends a day in English! Junior high and elementary school students will have 4 lessons a day, and toddlers will do a spring craft in English. Children who are aiming for the Eiken or Children’s English Proficiency Test are also welcome to join the program.
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Karuizawa Picture Book Museum 25th Anniversary
The World of Peter Rabbit” Exhibition
First semester: 3/5/2015-6/29/2015 Second semester: 7/1/2015-10/4/2015

Explore the secrets of the “Peter Rabbit” series in the forests of Karuizawa!
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Picture book-related cultural facilities along the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line
Picture Book Dream Corridor – Wide-area network to connect picture book culture

Stamp rally shared by “Imizu City Oshima Picture Book Museum,” “Shinano-cho Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum,” and “Karuizawa Picture Book Forest Art Museum
Stamp rally with a 10% discount on admission fees for the second and third museums. If you collect stamps from all three museums during the period, you will receive an assortment of goods at the facility you visited last. (Only for elementary school students and older) Enjoy a rich journey through the world of picture books by touring the three unique museums!
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European Educational Toys Exhibition -Attractive Toys that Nurture the Heart
First semester: 3/1/2015 – 6/15/2015 Second semester: 6/17/2015 – 10/12/2015
Eltz Toy Museum Karuizawa

European educational toys with sophisticated design and the love of their creators. They accompany children’s growth through play and watch over their potential.
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Waterfall × Cherry Blossom Viewing Exhibition
2015/3/1-6/1 Senju Hiroshi Museum of Art, Karuizawa

201503senju_sakura blossom blooming bulletin 700
The exhibition will feature 43 major works, including five works featuring cherry blossoms, such as “Night Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom” and “Miharu Waterfall Cherry Blossoms,” as well as his signature “Waterfall” series. We invite you to fully appreciate the world of Hiroshi Senju while feeling the beauty of spring, which is full of vitality.
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Spring skiing in Karuizawa with a high percentage of sunny days!
Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area will be open until 4/5 Sun.

The ski resort is conveniently located near Karuizawa Station and Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. This year, we are again offering free lift tickets for children up to elementary school age, a fun kids’ free program, a kids’ park, and a variety of other activities.
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