2015 Special Features vol.3 Karuizawa Golden Week Special / Full of limited time deals!


Karuizawa during Golden Week is the perfect time to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the spring air. There are also various events and services scheduled only for this time of year. Please take a look at this special feature to make your Golden Week plans!

Golden Week Information in Hoshino Area

In the Hoshino area, the annual “Karuizawa Marche” will start on May 2, and various events to enjoy the season are scheduled, including “Hitotema Workshop,” “Karuizawa Morning Time,” “Little Bird and Forest Museum,” and “Flying Musasabi Watching. For details, please refer to this link.
Karuizawa Marche<Hitotema Workshop><Karuizawa Morning Time> <Karuizawa Morning Time
<Museum of Birds and Forests><Flying flying flying squirrel watching>.

Mikado Coffee’s Golden Week Information

Mikado Coffee will release “Panama Geisha” on April 25, and “Matcha Azuki Chiffon Cake,” a cake that changes monthly, is scheduled to be available at directly managed coffee shops from May 1.
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Spring Insect Collecting Event 2015/5/3
Shiozawa Hotarumeguri Rice” rice planting experience 2015/5/16, 23, 30, 6/6

Karuizawa’s Shiozawa district will hold “Spring Insect Collecting Event” and “Karuizawa <Shiozawa Firefly Meguri Rice> Rice Planting Experience Event 2015” during Golden Week! At the insect collecting event, if you mention “I saw the Tourism Association’s special web page! you will receive a beetle larva as a present! For details, please refer to this link.
Spring Insect Collecting Event><Karuizawa “Shiozawa Hotarumeguri Rice” Rice Planting Experience Event 2015>

Pairing in Karuizawa / Special price for a limited time only
Jewelry Workshop Sho, Karuizawa Bridal Information Center

It’s as easy as playing with clay, but you can make a sterling silver ring! After carefully discussing the design, the two of you will work together to stretch, pattern, and polish the silver clay that will become the ring. We are sure you will have an enjoyable time. We are now offering a special price.
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Animal friends are coming.
2015/5/5 Karuizawa Thaliassen

On May 5, Children’s Day, animals will come to the Karuizawa Tagliassen Amusement Park Plaza. You can meet alpacas, sheep, goats, rabbits, and other fluffy little animals.
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Affiliated Garden of the Royal Horticultural Society Japan
Karuizawa Lake Garden

Karuizawa Lake Garden will be open free of charge from 4/18 (Sat.) to 4/23 (Thu.) and will open on 4/24 (Fri.). 8 areas and a waterfront natural garden are interwoven. The French Rose Garden next to the entrance and the English Rose Garden in front of the clubhouse have about 400 varieties and 4,500 plants under the advice of the spirited rose grower Kosei Ohno, and attract many rose lovers from all over Japan. Please come and enjoy the beauty of roses in early spring.
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Hokuriku Shinkansen Commemorative Plan / Mampei Hotel

A classic hotel representing Japan that celebrated its 120th anniversary along with the history of Karuizawa. You can enjoy a different kind of slow-flowing time in a retro space. Currently, we are offering a special plan to commemorate the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line.
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5 gallery exhibitions
2015/4/25-5/31 Shinano Oiwake Cultural Magnetic Field, Aburaya

The “Aburaya Project” will turn the historic property into a center for cultural activities (books, arts, crafts, etc.). During Golden Week, “5 Gallery Exhibitions” will be held.
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GW Limited! Karuizawa Kogen Beer Special Tasting 2015/5/2-6
Yona Yona Ale Super Banquet in Kitakaruizawa in fresh green 2015/5/23/24

Yakko-Brewing will hold “Yona Yona Ale Super Banquet in fresh green Kita-Karuizawa” and “GW Limited! Karuizawa Kogen Beer Special Tasting Event”! The season when beer becomes more delicious. Please come and enjoy yourself at these fun events. Please refer to this link for more details.
<GW Limited! Karuizawa Kogen Beer Special Tasting Event><Yona Yona Ale Super Banquet in fresh green Kita-Karuizawa

Golden Week Intensive English Course
Karuizawa ABC International School

Please come if you want to study for the English proficiency test or if you want to be immersed in English every day. 4 lessons daily for infants (one year old) to high school students. Lunch included (please bring your own if you have allergies).
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Free of charge for 100% electric vehicles only from 4/23.
Shiraito Highland Way

The Shiraito Highland Way is a 10-km long toll road that opened in 1963. It is well received as a forest road that reveals the true face of the popular Karuizawa resort area, which is home to the popular tourist spots Shiraito Falls and Ryuukanashi Falls. This will be the first attempt in Japan to encourage the spread of environmentally friendly electric vehicles in order to protect Karuizawa’s beautiful forest resources.
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