Karuizawa Wakaba Festival 2015! Coupons are included for discounts at museums and guest houses!



Wednesday, April 29 – Sunday, June 21, 2015
Karuizawa Wakaba Festival 2015

In the season of fresh green leaves, Karuizawa will host the Wakaba Festival again this year. Sports events such as a half marathon, cycling, tennis, futsal, and horseback riding, as well as bird watching, mountain stream fishing, walking, and hiking events. There will also be bird watching, mountain stream fishing, walking, hiking events, classic car races, and many other events.

Karuizawa Wakaba Festival 2015 Events

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Pamphlets with coupons for discounts at museums and guest houses are being distributed!

Brochures for the Wakaba Festival 2015 with the Karuizawa Coupon 2015, which offers discounts at museums and guest houses, are available at tourist information centers and other locations in town. We hope you will take advantage of it.
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*Correction: There is a correction in the Karuizawa Photo Contest 2015 information in the pamphlet. This year, only the “General Category” is open for entries. Please note that there will be no entries for the “Asama Mountain Section.

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